New Years ?

New Years resolutions; they’re all over the place. Still!!!! One wants to be thin, the other will be smart and one vows not to drink while the other promises to be more dedicated to their work; and the list of promises to oneself goes on and on and on

This got me thinking, do I make any of these promises myself? And, if I do, what would I promise?
Here’s a short list of possibilities :
1) I vow to date less weird characters ( and inevitably get bored…quickly)
2) I shall try give the not so attractive guy a chance (who am I kidding?! I’m too shallow)
3) I shall get fit so I look better naked (this one should work for about a week or two…)
4) I will not fall for a guy in the first month (gosh! This one is good maybe it should be a lifetime resolution)
5) I will not be overly detached to the person I’m seeing ( odd, I know, but I do have a tendency of sometimes just being detached and unemotional with someone I’m seeing)

… But let’s get real, as good as goals are to set, my life is a touch unpredictable and that’s exactly what I like about. Setting resolutions would limit the spontaneity of my actions, the good and bad, and make life a touch more structured – and I couldn’t function like that.

However , there is one promise I want to make to myself in the grand year that will be 2015 and that is to go on more adventures- from grand ones spanning the globe to little dates that colour my life. I want adventure to continue being an inherent part of who I am

2015, ready or nor, here I come.


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