The curse of the bad kiss

Is there anything worse than a bad kiss? Now I’m well aware that this topic is not new nor is it particularly unheard of, in fact I’m sure if I googled bad kissing an endless queue of blogs, articles and pictures are bound to come up. The list of bad kisses is endless; from the over-enthusiastic tongues resembling washing machines, to the lizard like movements of another and then the gaping hole where nothing happens but the lips do not stop moving ?! All of which confuse me to endless bounds, how is it that some men just do not know how?!?! But the worst kiss of all must be the one you wish would work. Let me elaborate;

There was a man who I was completely in lust with, his features resembled those of a Greek statue brought to life by perfection itself. His thoughts were so intriguing that I was almost was completely hypnotized by his every syllable and while I thought I stood no chance ( I do believe he is way out of my league) he asked me to come away with him and I did. Tension built between the two of us and thoughts of unsure nature soon took over. An hour into our trip and the kiss was done… But something was off; his kiss.
Oh how I willed Our kiss to be that of the most romantic films, of stories untold and passions unfolded…instead it was average, completely and irreversibly average…and I found myself unsure how to feel. Although he still intrigues me and I think of him often I have decided That for me is the worst kind of kiss; the wishful one, the one that was meant to be electric that passerbys would feel it just as intensely

And it just isn’t.


Make love


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Just a little something I found browsing my endless list of articles, quotes and passages, and thought maybe, if I loved it, I would share it and see if you do too.

“Make love
Like you have no
Like you’ve
Never been
Never been
Like the world
Don’t owe you a
– Warson Shire

Two guys. One line

“I haven’t had sex in so long” … This Said during or right after sex with me… By two separate men.
Do I have a sign above my head for the desperately sexless? Or am I a well of purified mineral water in the middle of drought-filled desert? Am I a slag?

Truth be told, I was attracted to both and it didn’t take me to long to slip into the sheets with either of them, was it my easiness that made them say this or is my honesty and abrupt nature a gateway to “everything goes”? Was it a compliment or an insult? Or maybe it’s a case of two great minds think alike?

And before you start saying I’m over-analyzing…I know I am. Im often not analytical in nature at all. In fact I most likely to forget anything said than to analyze it. But this line – said by two different (completely and utterly different) individuals- got me stumped.

I suppose unless I sprout a male gene or ask them directly I won’t know the answer. Hmmm the answer to that and how the pyramids were built…


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The roller coaster

Whoever said dating was fun, lied. Not that it’s entirely tedious, it has fun moments but in general I find it somewhat a roller coaster ride that leaves you feeling ill after wards rather than rejoiced. However, in rare moments there are those rides that you cannot stop going onto, they strike fear in your heart every time they rise and cause your stomach to drop each time they dip and then you do it all over again. Dating is much like that, a roller coaster ride I’m reluctant to stop riding. The extreme high of a good date and the stomach drop of a most hideous one…and then I do it all over again.


New Years ?

New Years resolutions; they’re all over the place. Still!!!! One wants to be thin, the other will be smart and one vows not to drink while the other promises to be more dedicated to their work; and the list of promises to oneself goes on and on and on

This got me thinking, do I make any of these promises myself? And, if I do, what would I promise?
Here’s a short list of possibilities :
1) I vow to date less weird characters ( and inevitably get bored…quickly)
2) I shall try give the not so attractive guy a chance (who am I kidding?! I’m too shallow)
3) I shall get fit so I look better naked (this one should work for about a week or two…)
4) I will not fall for a guy in the first month (gosh! This one is good maybe it should be a lifetime resolution)
5) I will not be overly detached to the person I’m seeing ( odd, I know, but I do have a tendency of sometimes just being detached and unemotional with someone I’m seeing)

… But let’s get real, as good as goals are to set, my life is a touch unpredictable and that’s exactly what I like about. Setting resolutions would limit the spontaneity of my actions, the good and bad, and make life a touch more structured – and I couldn’t function like that.

However , there is one promise I want to make to myself in the grand year that will be 2015 and that is to go on more adventures- from grand ones spanning the globe to little dates that colour my life. I want adventure to continue being an inherent part of who I am

2015, ready or nor, here I come.