The middle

Having been in a relationship for 4 years with a man who had spent more time at my place than he did his own, certain habits were picked up, that, once broken up, i found kind of hard to shake.

Last night was the first time I managed to shake off one of these habits. Trivial in nature, but it somehow broke some chain within my spirit that kept me held to a former flame. What habit you may ask? Which side of the bed I slept on.

Having spent years getting cosy and comfortable with the right hand side of the bed, to the point where I’m sure my mattress took the shape of my body, I decided to try something new; I slept in the middle of my big bed…by myself.

Now I’m aware that I am slightly strange and my ‘quirks’ (as my kind friends have aptly named my little habits) are of a peculiar nature but, this small action meant so much to me. In a way I felt that if I could break the habits that the relationship had created (you will find, I’m a rather restless soul who does not cope well with habits within the realms of relationships) I could move on. reclaimed the space in which he lay, my space, and got rid of the habitual nature that had become our relationship.

Finally, I was ready to invite a new person into bed without feeling like the old one was still there .

And then… I bought a new bed.

P.S. Best I start off fresh again


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