One hit wonder

There are those men, my word, that are just perfect.

You meet them in a club/pub/restaurant/get together/whatever and you just have such good chemistry that it seems the night should never end and when it does…he asks for your number *insert insanely happy girly dance here (behind his back, of course)*.

Then it gets better, he texts. Even over the phone he has you actually laughing and not just LOLing (with a straight face), and all at once…it stops. That’s it. You never hear from him again. And if you do cave in and message him first (I have a no messaging first policy, but hey shit happens) he is as excited as a lamp post with no light… I name him the one hit wonder.

Guys? Seriously! What is that about?

I’ve entered the land of the ever more confused. As if this dating business wasn’t confusing enough already. moo2


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